Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our vaulted stairway going to the 3rd floor. It felt so cozy before the last bit of drywall went up. We had several delays from them, but hopefully we will start painting next weekend. Nathan's brother Aaron is coming to help us lay tile and install the hardwood. It should be fun!

The stucco guys are quite acrobatic. They have definately been fun to watch. They climbed all over the scaffolding like monkeys! Very neat. They still have two coats to apply and then we will have a nice creamy-yellow-orange light color stucco to match the front house.
Natural nice. I was not really sure about making the efforts to put in sky lights, but I am glad we did. Nathan had to encourage me to agree that they were a good addition, but I can already tell they are going to be a great addition. We have them in several rooms and one big one in the kitchen over the sink that opens up.

I thought this was the cutest picture! This is Victor's (our GC) son. Isn't he cute? He was out of school one day and got to come to work with his dad. So cute! We gave Victor a hard time about it and teased him for hiring was pretty comical.

I think the thing that is the most exciting about all of the construction, is the fact that we can have all our loved ones come visit and have plenty of room to relax!

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