Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh yes...we have very large toys!

This morning we had two lovely deliveries to the house: a port-a-potty and this huge back hoe! We broke ground today, started digging out the land, and tore down a tree. Very very exciting.

Funny Reality Check: Remember We do live in Berkeley! After the port-a-potty was delivered, Nathan and I went for a 15 min run around the block. When we came back, two street bums had taken over our john! One was watching guard while the other did his business. They even had there stereo playing music in there grocery cart of goodies! Quite insane! We let them do there business and then moved it to the back of the house, out of sight from the street. Tomorrow Victor is bringing a large lock to keep the potty PRIVATE!

Lets Begin!

Nathan and I have been hard at work for 2 years now, designing, planning, and bringing to life construction of our new home. And now it is time to start! This is our house as it was before we began. Right now Nathan and I share the front room on the right of the steps. We have 11 or so lovely housemates whom I will have to add pictures of later.

First things FIRST! Save the roses! Nathan dug it up, spit it into 3 and now we can start. Lets just hope they don't die! The poor thing was looking a bit dry and weary this morning...

Next: Tear up the old deck! Thank God that Aaron and Shauna were here to help. :) They were wonderful. Did I mention I wasn't much help??? I have had a pinched saitic nerve in my back for two weeks. UGH!!! Finally the pain is going away though thanks to Nathan's excellent massages and some really good muscle relaxers.

Laying out chalk lines with Victor and Will. These guys are awesome!